Our Staff

Our team consists of a German management, a full-time teacher from Great Britain and a part-time teacher from India. Our teachers work according to the "immersion" principle, which means that everyone speaks to the children in their native language. Our teachers have an University Degree and are very experienced.

Our Management

Our German speaking Kindergarten Manager, Pia, is working with young children since 2007. Before she joined Bubbles she worked in a nursery, a kindergarten and as an after school learning guide. During her work experience, she developed her skills and knowledge of Maria Montessori’s methods and approach to education. Internships in Sweden, Lithuania and Wales gave her the opportunity to work with several different curriculums. After she completed her training as a kindergarten teacher she studied Early Childhood Education at the Fach Hochschule München.

Our Full-Time English Speaking Teacher

Annette is our full-time English speaking teacher. She has a Qualified Teaching Status BA with Honours, specialising in teaching children from 3-8 years old. Before joining Bubbles in 2017, she successfully taught for sixteen years in three British primary schools. Annette uses storytelling, arts and music to support children’s learning as they play. She creates an environment where children are safe, happy and inspired. Leading by example, she shows the children how to be respectful, friendly and polite in all situations. With her experience of teaching she is especially passionate about preparing children in her care for school.


Our Part-Time English Speaking Teacher 

Neha is our part-time English speaking teacher.  She is from New Delhi, India and has a Master´s degree in English and a Diploma in Early Child Care and Education.  Before joining Bubbles in 2019, she has successfully taught 2-6 year old children for more than 5 years in English Schools, India as well as about 2 years in a private Kindergarten in Munich.

She is excited to use her teaching experience creativity, resourcefulness, energetic attitude, and instructional abilities to lead children.  



Our "FSJlerin"

Christin is doing a Voluntary Year of Social Service (FSJ) with us. She is 17 years old and moved recently to Munich for a year. She wants to be socially committed and gain more experience. Christin is looking forward to a an exciting time with the children.