Application form for Bubbles


   We have 1 available spot for a girl born between 2012 and 2014

(We don't have any more spots available for boys for the upcoming School year 2018/19)                                                   


We look forward to receiving your application and know more about your family!


Our porpose is to create an even distribution of

gender, languages and ages

within our Kindergarten.

The ability to integrate within the small group of children

is a very important point that we pay attention to.



Please answer the following questions in the field "Bemerkungen":

-Why do you want to join a parents initiative?

-Which languages does your child speak?

-What are your reasons of interest in a bilingual kindergarden / preschool?


Please use the application form (in German only).


As we're an international kindergarden, suitable spots may become available on short notice and during the Kindergarten year