Fee schedule

Fee schedule for childcare at Bubbles Parents’ Initiative (as of January 2022) 

MONTHLY        Membership Fee €60
         Food  €60

€100 (>9 h)


€90 (8-9 h)


€79 (7-8 h)


€69 (6-7 h)


€58 (5-6 h)


€48 (4-5 h)

         Main booking time 8.30 - 12.30 

€38 (3-4 h)

We are applying the fee structure set by the city of Munich, according to which children visiting a Kindergarten are not supposed to pay the monthly fees. So that means that the childcare is free of charge. The condition is that these children have to have their habitual residence in Munich.  The monthly costs at Bubbles are €120 per child (incl. food).

AT ADMISSION Admission Fee (one-time payment) €200
  Deposit**  €750

*The contribution of the State of Bavaria of €100 per month will still be deducted. 

**Deposit will be refunded when the child leaves the Kindergarten.