Newsletter 11.05.2024

What a wonderful week we have had. The middle of the week saw us come together for our Mother’s and Father’s day breakfast. We had a veritable feast before us and I heard many children exclaim how excited they were for the food. We had the special opportunity for parents to look through the children’s photo portfolio’s from their time at Bubbles so far this year. These folders will stay with the children for the duration of their time at kindergarten and so each year they will grow with more and more memories that your children will enjoy to share with you. The children also worked very hard on their gifts for each of you. We hope you enjoy your portrait keyrings 😊


Earlier in the week, we had German preschool which has started back up again with the addition of Christine to the team. The children had a great interactive and creative session in German during the quiet time. We look forward to regular sessions through until the children’s graduation at the summer festival.


In the mornings we have been outside enjoying the fresh air. On Tuesday we made a trip out to Olympia park for our forest day. The children enjoyed rolling down the hills and picking flowers. We also took the opportunity to visit the free creative section at BMW Welt where the children designed their own cars digitally and on paper and also played Weykick. Due to the rain, the children also enjoyed paying with the sand toys at Schmeller playground and digging trenches that filled up with water. It was a great week to be out in the mud and rain 😊. But on Friday we took full advantage of the lovely sunshine at the playground.