Newsletter 23.02.2024

This week started with theme “habitats” and children got the opportunity to craft their own aquariums. They understand that water is the home for aquatic animals. They enjoyed paper folding, cutting, gluing and painting while doing the project. Gluing shells on the art project was the thing children enjoyed the most. On forest day children got the chance to understand and observe different birds and their habits with our wilderness educator. They were cheerful on spotting the birds and observing them with binoculars. Sharing knowledge and asking questions were the key things during bird watching.
During the week we also talked about how important it is to wash the hands with soap and followed with simple germ experiment and since then kids are washing their hand with soap properly. Also Children enjoyed more free play, dancing on music, paper folding tulips with Sophie, German preschool work with Martina and playing hockey and football at MTV.
The week ended being a busy day with "Show and Tell" and children for the very first time experienced filming in our kindergarten.