Newsletter 26.01.2024

This week we continued our animal theme. We spoke about pets and how to care for them. The children were given the opportunity to choose from a variety of animals which would make a good pet. The choices some of them made were extremely interesting. Their choices included sharks, giraffes, monkeys, pigs and sheep.
We met our wilderness educator at the forest for another great forest day. On Wednesday we did a relay race at the park. The children had to mimic the movements and sounds of the animals we have been discussing in our morning circles. Thursday as usual is our sports day. They always have so much fun moving their bodies and keeping fit. We walked there but decided to take the U-Bahn back to kindergarten. We spoke about being safe on the U-Bahn and always sticking together so that we are not separated: "We stick together like a caterpillar".  All the children really enjoy taking the U-Bahn even though it is a short journey.
They enjoyed lots of structured and free play. The children learned how to fold origami animals this week. It was an activity enjoyed by all. The animal theme has been thoroughly enjoyed by the children and we will continue with it next week.