Newsletter 19.01.2024

This week we made banana bread in the afternoon, took a trip on the bus to the forest and took the U-Bahn back from sports. We revised and refreshed our English songs and had lots of farm animal themed activities. The children enjoyed an obstacle course in their sports class and also sledding in the playground throughout the week.
On our forest day we had
 an English morning circle in the forest where the children sung Old MacDonald and had a dramatic exploration of farm animals. The children took the role of pigs rolling in the mud and chickens flapping their wings. They really enjoyed this whole body exploration before spending time together in the forest. Our children have enjoyed lots of free-play this week. Which has been a great time for them to exert their autonomy and connect socially with each other. Favourite activities have been drawing and crafting mobile phones, construction with the magnets, the doll house imaginative play and also our new “farm house” mini play area, which has lots of farm animals for the children to investigate. The farm and animal theme has been so exciting for the children this week that we saw many children bringing in animal themed "Show and Tell" to share with us. It is lovely to see the children connecting with the current theme.