Newsletter 22.12.2023

This week we took advantage of sunny weather and enjoyed our outdoor morning circle at the park. Children were excited to find different color squirrels and birds. They looked for various birdhouses and tried to find spots to keep some nuts and seeds. They watched them closely nibbling and eating. Children understood that by going close and being loud around them is not ideal therefore they were very respectful and well behaved. We soaked up some sun and enjoyed rolling down the hill which we named "mini bubble island".
On Wednesday we played a game in morning circle related to the topic “shapes”. We learned different shapes and children actively participated and challenged themselves in finding the objects resembling those shapes. Finally, this week we managed to drop the pictures drawn by children for police officers as we forgot to take them along on our last visit. The police officer who gave us the tour was happy to receive them. Rest of the week we enjoyed free play, show and tell, reading some story books, listening music and sports.
We ended the week by visiting to Lego shop at Marienplatz, walking around Viktualien market, tasting some breads with dips and enjoyed the day out together.
Children are excited about their Christmas holidays and looking forward to it.