Newsletter 15.12.2023

This week we had an exciting excursion into the city with the children. We took the U-Bahn to Marienplatz where we went to look at the Galeria Christmas window display. Together we looked at each window and played a game of ‘I Spy’. The children enjoyed trying to guess what item was red or blue or green and it was a fun way to enjoy the display. We had luck that the markets were open early, so we walked through the Marienplatz markets and saw the huge Christmas tree. They said it must be at least 100 Crystal’s to be so tall. We then walked past the Dallmayr window display where the children found the Christmas display to be quite amusing. The display has Christmas trees made of shells or glass ware or silverware instead of pine. It was wonderful to see the joyous laughter of the children at the sight of these comical trees. Finally we sat in the sun at Max Josef Platz in front of Residenz to enjoy our Kinderpunsch and Lebkuchen. 
For our Forest Day we took a trip to the Isar as a change of scenery. The river was too full from the recent rain to play beside. But we did have lots of fun with a morning circle on the meadow and playing a new group game of freeze tag. The children always enjoy their time out in nature on these trips and you see the moments of bonding, teamwork and social/emotional play that they have together.
On Thursday we celebrated our Christmas Party together. The children sung the songs they have been preparing and we enjoyed food and drink together as a community. We look forward to the rest of the school year together watching your children learn and grow.