Newsletter 08.12.2023

This week we enjoyed meeting our wilderness educator in the wood for an exploration of animal footprints in the snow. The children took their detective cards and searched along pathways for signs of different animal tracks. Human shoes were aplenty, dog tracks were found bounding through the snow and even some crow footprints were scattered here and there. The children were certain they found fox prints and they loved this hunt for tracks. Later in the week at the playground, the children were excited to find squirrel prints in the snow and this started a great imaginative play session with the children.
In English we learnt the letter sound "s" and made slithering snakes. The children are catching on with the Read Write Inc phonics program and are enjoying learning new sounds each week. In English we have also been learning the song “We wish you a Merry Christmas”. The children have caught on to the lyrics very quickly and we talked about what a figgy pudding is. 
The crazy snow from the weekend meant that we spent lots of time outside with the children relishing the snow based activities to be had. The children made snowballs, went sledding, built forts, and generally just enjoyed rolling around in the snow. We will be sad to see it washed away with the forecasted rain next week. But alas, that is life and we shall enjoy it while we can.
At the end of the week the children had sports and participated in throwing “snowballs”, parkour and coordination skills. The end of the week also brought with it our regular Show and Tell session. We had science animal tracks books, magic markers, gemstones and more that the children brought to share. It is lovely to see the made and found items the children bring or the books they are currently interested in.