Newsletter 10.11.2023

The week started with preparing our lanterns , songs books and learning songs for St. Martin. Children were excited to finish their lanterns and worked hard in learning all songs.
During the week we also talked about fall/autumn in our morning circle. We learned a german song "Ihr Blätter wollt ihr tanzen“ which can be find hanging in the cloackroom. In outdoor morning circle on Tuesday, we focused on the changing colours of the leaves and finding them in the forest.
On Wednesday, we learned "twinkle twinkle little star” song and practiced some math game by counting the number of clips and matching with the star.
Later in the week we watched St. Martin story and understood that he was a kind and warm hearted man. Therefore we baked some Geese(Ganz) in the kindergarten and shared in the morning circle showing sharing, kindness and respect towards each other. At the end of the week we are ready to celebrate St. Martin together.