Newsletter 07.07.2023

This week we have spent lots of time together on public transport. The children have done wonderfully hopping on and off the bus and train and it is wonderful to see how happy they are to discover new sights and playgrounds that are short trips away. We will continue to utilise the bus and train in the coming weeks. A focus will be on traveling safely and how we share the space with other people.

Additionally for our road safety theme, we have been learning songs about how to be safe when crossing the road and making car and traffic light cookies together. The children already have a very good understanding of how to be safe in such situations as we are always practicing on our weekly walks to the park and MTV. So it is nice to continue to support and develop their understandings in hands on ways and through music, food and language.


At the end of the week the children finished their final self-defense course and the children learnt how to deal with different stranger danger situations, how to build their own resilience and how to build each other up through positive messages and looking out for each other. It was great to see the children exploring these themes through role-play and games.