Newsletter 30.06.2023

The week started off with a relaxing morning circle in the playground. The children enjoyed sitting on the grass together and starting the morning with some sunshine and calm. The week continued to have plenty of outdoor time for the children either at the playground or at the Forest on Tuesday where the children used primitive tools to dig into fallen tree logs trying to find bugs they have learnt about with Sandra.

In the group, the children have been enjoying the new activities that we swapped over last week and a new interest in the Mini-House has been sparked with the addition of new jewellery accessories courtesy of Alyson. The children have enjoyed integrating these new accessories into their imaginative play in the afternoons. They have also been engaging in imaginative play through theatre this week. Spontaneously after snack one day, the children had the self initiated idea to set up a theatre. With scaffolding from teachers, we arranged chairs and a performance space and materials and the children took turns putting on a show. It was amusing to watch the children testing out different ways to interact and connect with each other through this loud, vibrant, dramatic exploration. There were complaints, there was conflict, there was laughter and joy and bonding. The children had to activate all their learnt skills to navigate this child-led experience and it was intriguing to see the children take charge and enjoy the moment with each other.  

Talking of taking charge, our Preschool children have jumped on the responsibility and autonomy of the creation of their school cones this week. Over the coming weeks the children will continue to apply themselves in realising their visions for their cones. It will be wonderful to see the final products in a few weeks time.


The week ended with some rainy weather in the playground, show and tell and free play. The final self defense course will be next Friday.