Newsletter 05.05.2023

This week we had a shorter week and started straight into our Forest Day with Sandra. Sandra explored with the children the new spring life all around and the children observed birds in the trees and bugs under logs. The children collected materials to create their own “nest-material rolls” for birds to collect materials for their spring nests. The rolls can be hung in a dry place and birds may come to collect the resources to use in their nests.

In German this week, the children listened to the story “Abenteuerliche Geschichte einer fliegenden Maus” and practiced clapping syllables and counting in preschool. In morning circle the children learnt a planet rap and had a great time talking about the planets and our solar system.

In English the children learnt the song “Zoom Zoom Zoom We’re Going To The Moon” and they became astronauts as they engaged in a drama exploration of the song around the room. The catchy tune has been heard all week being hummed by the children or sung together during free play. The song also helps the children practice their backwards counting as they count down from 10 to 1.