Newsletter 21.04.2023

This week we have enjoyed coming back together as a group after the Easter break. The children enjoyed reconnecting and sharing stories from their holidays throughout the week. We started the new theme of Space this week and the children are blasting off to a world of fun! We discussed the topics of the 8 planets in our solar system and that we live on the round planet Earth. Over the coming weeks we will look at more vocabulary and activities related to space. 

In English we have been enjoying lots of spontaneous rhyming and the children find it quite amusing to make up sentences that rhyme or create rhyming strings. This is a great exploration of language as children test out their skills and knowledge in a social and humorous way. At home you can make up funny sentences with your children too and enjoy the laughs. In English preschool the children learnt the letter /i/ and made insect craft and later in the week they listened to a rocket countdown song and did number ordering and backwards counting.

In German preschool the children did many mathematical activities from the number 8 to shapes, counting, simple addition and left and right orientation. In science the children looked at German vocabulary related to plants and growth through experiments that will develop over the coming days. 

Our Forest Day with Sandra was moved to next week, so we look forward to seeing her then. The children still enjoyed lots of fun in the forest, building, collaborating and working in teams. Team work will be a theme for us in the coming weeks as part of our space topic. No one ever made it to the moon alone 😉


At the end of the week, the children were excited to practice our fire drill as part of our yearly safety procedures. They showed that they are all capable of exiting reliably and safely.