Newsletter 10.03.2023

This week we continued our exploration of the weather. During the week we took a trip to the library to pick up more books related to this theme and they have been added to our bookshelf for the children.

In English morning circle we sung the song “Oh Mr Sun” and explored the changing of seasons through expressive drawing. The children brought together their understandings of the seasons to make observations on the differences that define the seasons and then expressed this through drawings. There was a particular focus on the current change in seasons from winter to spring and they also discussed the differences in daily elements such as clothing needs, seasonal foods and the weather changes.  

In English preschool, the children learnt the letter sounds /s/ and /d/ this week. With /s/ they make slithering snakes with repeating patterns down their tails. The children learnt the patterns AB, ABB, AAB and ABC this week and we look forward to exploring this topic further in the coming weeks. For the letter /d/ the children created dynamic dinosaurs where they practiced their cutting skills and also made a d-d-d-d-down right awesome rap. This was also the point where we have learnt enough sounds to start blending words together, the children sounded out their first words m-a-d, s-a-d, S-a-m. We will continue to learn more letter sounds and practice blending sounds in the coming months. 

In science the children looked at how condensation and vapours are formed to create clouds and the children also participated in a collaborative cloud craft. The children enjoyed getting their hands gooey with glue to stick paper onto balloons to form our very cloud. This was a direct request from the children as a topic to explore and we will look further in the coming weeks at the different types of clouds we can see in the sky and what they might mean.

On our forest day, we had the pleasure of Sandra’s company and she took the children on a exploration to find and observe squirrels in their natural environment. She showed the children how to find squirrel’s and crow’s nests and the differences between the two. She also helped the children to identify the differences between the remains of eaten nuts and see how squirrels will split the nuts open cleanly, while crows will smash the nut open and mice will chew through the shells. The children enjoyed using the binoculars to spot the squirrels in the trees and learn other interest facts about their habits and behaviours.


Lastly in German morning circle the children discussed the weather, how clouds are formed and talked about the lightening . And in German preschool the children examined the number 7 and different number bonds to make 7. As well as handwriting practice and solidifying the foundation of quantities knowledge.