Newsletter 09.12.2022

We had a lovely week with lots of baking and Nikolaus celebration. Children were very good in cleaning their own boxes in the morning circle to impress the Nikolaus 😉. Later in the week they were surprised with many sweets. We also received a big gift box from Teestube (homeless peoples’place) as a present for the kids in Kindergarten. That’s a sweet gesture from them and therefore we made a visit to them with lots of baking goods to say “ Thank you”. We have started learning our Christmas songs and getting ready for the Christmas party. We had a special forest day with Sandra and learned a lot about shapes and how to find them in different forms. MTV was fun as the kids enjoyed sports in a way of playing Ice Hockey. Playground was fun in the morning as it makes us active, played our daily Advent game, show & tell was amazing, went to library and had a special book reading session-that was cool.