Newsletter 20.05.2022

We enjoyed our visit to the Transport Museum on Tuesday. As we walked around we looked at the trains and talked about what we could see. We also talked about how a steam engine works. The older children drew some great pictures of the trains, looking closely at a part that they liked (displayed in Kindergarten).

In Morning Cricle, the children sang a new song ‘Bummelbahn’ where different animals were blocking the train tracks. We also sang ‘Engine, Engine Number 9’, practicing our counting and number recognition when ordering the carriages.

We had lots of fun in music with Herr Jerker singing some of our new favourite songs, playing and echo game and using instruments including bells and drums.

In Yoga we rode our bikes to an imaginary park and practiced our cycling, tree and butterfly poses. We also used the ’Flower Breath’ to still and calm our bodies.

Our sports lesson at MTV was full of running, jumping and sliding.


The preschool children practiced writing number 9 as well as counting and making 9 in different ways e.g. 4+5 or 3+6… They also played a preposition game in German describing where things are.