Newsletter 06.05.2022

On Monday, we celebrated ‘Labor Day’ with the children. It was lovely to see so many children dressed up as many different professions. In Morning Circle, the children shared what their chosen profession was and we took photos. The children made a super collage of themselves copying carefully from their photo. We also shared A.A. Milne’s poem ‘Cherry Stones’ and thought again about how many professions there are to choose from.

On Tuesday, we had our first music session with Herr Jerker. The children had lots of fun singing and playing some instruments. 

In Yoga we were birds stretching, flying, looking for worms and building nests. We practiced the ’Bee breath’ and are all much better at making our breaths longer. As always we finished with a relaxing meditation.

All the children had the opportunity to make a Mother’s Day card and we learnt 2 poems to share with our mummies this weekend.

This weeks experiment observed what happens when Gummi Bears are left in water.


The children were also very happy as they are allowed to serve the food themselves again. We were very pleased to hear lots of super manner (Please can you pass me the potatoes…) and the children were very good remembering just to use handles…