Newsletter 18.02.2022

On Monday, the children celebrated Valentines Day and took home their valentines gifts.

We started a new topic ‘Dragons’. In morning circle, we shared a story about a dragon that makes different faces and played a game showing different emotions with our facial expressions. We also shared the story ‘Paperbag Princess’ by Robert Munsch. The story helped the children to question which qualities make a person ‘better’ - how beautiful and pretty they dress or how they act.

The children had the opportunity to practice colour mixing. Using primary colours (red, yellow and blue) to mix secondary colours (green, orange and purple). We then cut the paintings into tiny dragon scales to make two large dragons, which are now living in the playhouse!

In preschool, the children learnt the letter ‘R’ and made a rainbow picture. We also continued with our number for the month ‘6’.

Our experiment this week let the children explore what happens when water and corn flour are mixed together. Is it a liquid? Or is it a solid? Or both?


We also had fun dancing to Zumba and joining in at MTV sports swinging and sliding.