Newsletter 11.02.2022

This week we continued with our ‘Valentines Day’ theme. In Morning Circle, the children talked about why they are so special and how important it is to love ourselves for who we are.

The children had the opportunity to finish making their heart friend (displayed in the cloakroom) and a heart card celebrating reasons they like themselves as well as why other children like them.

We have also started to make heart cards to give as presents on Valentines Day.

At the forest, Sandra helped the children use their sense of touch to explore the forest. Using their own wheel cards, the children found different textures and temperatures.

The children enjoyed watching an experiment comparing what happens when one balloon filled with air and another balloon filled with water are held over a candle. They were very surprised (and excited) to see the air balloon pop first!

In preschool, the children learnt the letter ‘Q’ and made a Queen picture. We also continued with our number for the month ‘6’. They also practiced their adding and subtraction skills.

In Yoga this week, the children practiced their relaxing ‘belly’ breath using teddies to check their tummies were rising and falling.


We also had fun dancing to Zumba Valentines Songs and joining in at MTV travelling across a super Parcours course and balancing.