Newsletter 28.01.2022

This week we continued with our ‘Inside the Body’ theme. The children learnt a lot about how the eye works and enjoyed exploring some optical illusions. In morning circle the children found out more about the heart and learnt a little rhyme.

The children had the opportunity to complete their pasta skeleton, paint with watercolours and practice their throwing skills.

At the forest, Sandra talked to the children about all the different shapes they could find in nature. The children had lots of fun searching and describing the shapes they could find.

In preschool, the children learnt the letter ‘O’ and made an octopus. We also practiced finding, counting and writing the number ’5’. As well as learning that a five-sided shape is called a pentagon.

In Yoga this week, the children went on a ski journey and practiced the mountain and chair poses.


We also had fun dancing to Zumba and joining in at MTV playing different ball games.