Newsletter 19.11.2021

This week we began a new theme ‘horses’ as suggested by the children. In morning circle we shared all the information that the children already know about horses. We learnt the new songs ‘Horsey, Horsey’,  ‘Bell Horses’ and the nursery rhyme "Hopp hopp hopp mein Pferdchen".

One of the moms joined us on Wednesday afternoon and brought a saddle and harness to show to the children. She also answered the children’s MANY questions about horses.

The children helped to create a small world for our toy horses to live and a stable roleplay area, where they have enjoyed pretending to be horses and take care of horses.

We also set up a pacour course, for the children to practice the trotting, galloping and jumping skills.

The children have had the opportunity to paint a horse’s head using their footprint and make a horse stick puppet.

At the forest we found three sticks to make triangles and collected three objects to fit inside. The children then experimented making larger or smaller triangles as well as triangles with different side lengths.

In preschool, the children learnt ‘J’ and made a lovely jellyfish. The German group played games clapping and counting syllables in words.