Newsletter 22.10.2021

This week we began a ‘Princes and Princesses’ theme, as suggested by the children. In Morning Circle the children followed instructions to draw a beautiful self-portrait which we turned into royalty by adding a crown. The children also used shapes (square, rectangle and triangle) to draw a castle (all currently displayed near the kitchen).

During our visit to the forest, the children made a lovely leaf crown, practicing their threading skills.

The pre-school children learnt the letter ‘G’ and made a goat picture. We also practiced making 2 and learnt that a semi-circle has two sides. The pre-school German group had lots of fun playing a game while listening for and finding rhyming words.

We also swapped the toys and games this week and the older children were very helpful teaching the younger children how to play some of our new games.


We also had a great Zumba session, dancing to all the dances we have learnt so far accompanied by a disco ball.