Newsletter 08.10.2021

This week we began an ‘autumn’ theme. In Morning circle the children listened to a lovely story describing how a tree changes through the seasons. We also played a memory game with autumn objects and sang two autumn songs (Der Herbst is da’ and ‘Autumn leaves are falling’).

We had a lovely walk around the forest, talking about the colours we could see and how the weather is changing. During our walk the children collected lots of horse chestnuts. Back in Kindergarten, the children had the opportunity to use a hand-drill to make holes, in order to make chestnut animals and necklaces.

The children had the opportunity to make a squirrel and help to create a ‘small-world’ forest for our toy forest animals to play in.

The Pre-school children learnt the letter ‘E’ and they all made an Elephant.

This week our oldest children started ‘Vorkurs Deutsch’. The children talked about themselves and what they would like to do when they grow up.

We also had a fire drill. The children were really good walking together sensibly and following the teacher’s instructions. The children know to stop straight away, look to the teacher to see which exit door to line up by and walk sensibly to our meeting point outside. Well done everyone!