Newsletter 24.09.2021

It was lovely to finally meet in person during our Parent’s  Meeting on Wednesday, thank you.

This week we continued with our Dinosaur theme. In Morning Circle we learnt a new song ‘Move like a Dinosaur’ and talked more about the dinosaurs we know. The children also had the opportunity to make a dinosaur using playdough.

We reminded the children how to wash hands properly and used a spot of purple paint to check we were all doing a great job!

On Tuesday, we had a workshop with Sandra in the forest. The children learned about different types of mushrooms. Then we walked around the forest hunting for mushrooms. We found shelf, coral and gill mushrooms.

The Pre-school children learnt the letter ‘C’, they found objects starting with ‘c’ and painted a very cute caterpillar.


In our Zumba session on Friday we enjoyed dancing to ‘Move like a Dinosaur’ and ‘I like to move it, move it!’