Newsletter 07.05.2021

This week, we talked about our families and why celebrate Mothers’ and Fathers’ day.

In morning circle, we talked about the new month and remembered the other months in the year. Becky Bunny told the children why she loves her Mummy so much and the children shared their own thoughts with each other. We also learnt a new song ‘We love Mummy’.

The children all had the opportunity to make a Mothers’ Day card and draw a lovely picture of themselves with their Mummy.

We were very lucky with the weather and enjoyed a lovely sports session at the playground on Thursday.

In German, the children talked about feelings. They learnt new words to describe different feelings and had fun playing a feelings game.


We had lots of fun in our yoga session. The children made their own pinwheel flower and we practiced the flower breath (breathing in though our nose and out through our mouth, trying to make the outer breath longer than the in breath). We practiced sun salutation, squat, standing forward bend, flower and resting pose. The children were really good during our guided meditation story.