Newsletter 13.11.2020

This week we continued with our St Martins theme and had a lovely celebration at a local park on Tuesday. The children sang in the forest, holding their lanterns and brought their Martins Horns home to share.


In morning circle, we remembered the story and played a lovely game sharing pictures with our friends.


The preschool children learnt the letter ‘J’ and continued with the number 3.


On Friday we joined Sandra at Bavaria Park. Sandra showed us how animals live in winter and what they eat. Together we went in small groups on a discovery tour and looked out for signs of animals and for animals themselves. 



Afterwards each child had the opportunity to make a bird food station from a pine cone, lard and seeds. These can be hung up at home, but should not be too much in the rain so that the grains do not go off. We also built a tipi and a leaf house for a hedgehog.