Newsletter 16.10.2020

This week has been really busy but also a lot of fun.


On Tuesday we had a fantastic morning at the Park with Sandra from Little Wildlife Explorers. She talked to the children about the different shapes, colours and sizes of leaves and seeds. Then the children did scavenger hunt, trying to as many different types as possible. The children had a sheet to bring home with pictures of all the leaves and seeds they had found.


In Kindergarten our theme was ‘Bubbles’. Becky Bunny (one of our puppets) asked the children for help in morning circle because she had forgotten some of our rules. The children were great and helped her (and each other) remember the rules during the week.


Our preschool focus this week was the letter ’F’.


On Friday, nine of the children went to our first swimming lesson, which was fantastic. I was extremely impressed with the instructors from learn2swim – both their organisation and their relationship with the children. Once at the pool, the children impressed me with their independence getting changed by themselves and following very clear instructions from the instructors about where to put their clothes, the order to get undressed and dressed etc. Once in the water, the children didn’t stop! They moved constantly, swimming the length of the pool, jumping in the water and playing games with the instructors. It was fantastic and I am looking forward to the rest of the course.


Thank you again to all the parents who volunteered their time and helped this week.