Newsletter 09.10.2020

This week we had ‘squirrels’ as our theme. On Tuesday we walked around Bavaria Park collecting to search for squirrels. We also found lots of nuts and seeds they might like to eat.


In morning circle we met a tiny squirrel (puppet), that liked to hide in the tree. We used lots of different words to describe where he was hiding (up, down, inside, outside, front, back…). The children also enjoyed singing a lovely song about a hungry little squirrel.


Our preschool focus this week was the letter ’E’ and the number ‘1’. The children enjoyed finding 1 of something and showing 1. We also practiced writing the number 1.



Park on Tuesday

We have another workshop with Sandra from Little Wildlife Explorers on Tuesday at the Park. 


Swimming Lessons on Fridays

Some children will start their swimming lessons next Friday. 


The children are looking forward to the lesson and I am sure they will have a fantastic time. Thank you for your help.


Have a lovely weekend,


The Bubbles Team



The Hungry Little Squirrel (to the tune ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’)

Oh the hungry little squirrel,

He gathers nuts and seeds.

He hides them for the winter months,

So he’ll have all he needs.

Oh up, up, up he goes,

And down, down, down he comes.

He runs around, goes up and down,

His work is never done.