Newsletter 05.06.2020

We hope you are all keeping well. Looking to the future, we are pleased to inform you that many more children will return to Bubbles from the 15th June and hopefully everyone will be able to return from the 1st July.

For the next two weeks, we have chosen the theme ‘Transport’. There are so many activity ideas, but we have chosen just a few for the activity sheet. We found this story to share with you, ‘If I built a car’ by Chris Van Duden

Once you’ve shared the story we challenge you to build your own car using old cardboard boxes, tubs and tubes. Will it have some of the amazing ideas from the story? Will it just travel on the road or can it go over and under the water or up in the sky? Once you’ve built your mode you could paint and decorate it. We would really love you to bring your models to Bubbles when you come back.

Due to holidays the next newsletter won’t be until 19th June.

We are looking forward to seeing so many of you very soon.