Newsletter 15.05.2020

We hope you are all keeping well and happy. It seems like everyone has settled into their own routines, as the children are sending us fewer messages, having established a new ‘daily normality’. Remember, we are here for you if the children would like to send a message. The twice-weekly Zoom sessions for the preschool children with Annie are going well and we hope you find the stories/poems and newsletters we all share useful.

Now we have four 'Notbetreuung' children who have returned to Bubbles on a part-time basis and Pia and Christin are enjoying teaching again. Hopefully this means we are, slowly, returning to ‘life as normal’.

We are looking forward to seeing some of the children’s memory bottles, everyone should have received a letter through the post this week.

This week the children in Bubbles were lucky to meet Bärle, Doris’ pet dog, so we decided this week’s theme should be ‘Pets’.  The story I would love to share with you all this week is ‘The Great Pet Sale’ by Mick Inkpen

Maybe afterwards your child might want to set up their own pet shop selling some of their toy animals. They could ‘write’ signs (younger children might draw marks on the paper, while older children might write some letters they know or copy words written by an adult), ‘write’ price labels and use toy or real coins to role-play buying pets. Have fun!

Take care and keep healthy!