Newsletter 07.02.2020

This week we continued our theme, ‘Caterpillars and Butterflies’. In morning circle we looked at photos of butterfly eggs, caterpillars, chrysalis’ and butterflies. We talked a lot about how they grow and change as well as their habitats. We learnt a new English rhyme about caterpillars.


The preschool children learnt the letter ‘R’. we practiced writing it and matched letters to objects.


Our number for the month is number 6. We looked at a hexagon and counted the corners and sides.


In music, the children enjoyed exploring instruments that need to be scraped to make a noise and we sang our butterfly song.


This week the children investigated how white paper reflects more light than dark paper.


Faschings Theme

This year, the theme chosen by the children will be ‘Room on the Broom’ by Julia Donaldson. Characters to dress up as include a witch, cat, dog, frog, bird or dragon. Have fun making costumes with your child, we are looking forward to seeing them all on our Faschings Party.