Newsletter 31.01.2020

This week we started a new theme. ‘Caterpillars and Butterflies’. The children visited the Butterfly House a the Botanischer Garten and enjoyed finding out and looking at some beautiful butterflies. In morning circle we talked about butterflies and talked about their life cycle. We also learnt a new german song, 'Schmetterling du kleines Ding'.


The preschool children learnt the letter ‘Q’ and thought about words that start with that letter.


Our number for the month is number 5. We continued to practice counting to 5 and thought about number bonds to 5 e.g. 2+3=5, 4+1=5 … We made caterpillars and counted the cubes to see if they were allowed into number 5 house or were they too small or too big.


Show and Tell

As discussed at the parent’s meeting, children will no longer be bringing toys to show and tell. This week was a huge success and the children brought some fantastic things they were keen to share with the other children. Some good ideas included: seasonal objects, photos, drawings or crafts made by the children, books and a lemon picked this morning from their own lemon tree. Thank you for your support.


Teacher/Parent Meetings

A sheet is displayed in the cloakroom, please choose a time and sign up. Thank you.


Faschings Theme

This year, the theme chosen by the children will be ‘Room on the Broom’ by Julia Donaldson. Characters to dress up as include a witch, cat, dog, frog, bird or dragon. Have fun making costumes with your child, we are looking forward to seeing them all on our Faschings Party.