Newsletter 24.01.2020

This week we continued our Chinese New Year theme and had a lovely celebration on Friday. The children made and painted a large dragons head, which we used to do our own dragon dances. All the children had chance to make a dancing dragon and rat finger puppet (2020 is the year of the rat). We also shared some spring rolls and baked bananas. The children all took home a mandarin orange, to bring good luck to their home. Thank you to Katharine (Isabelle’s Mummy) for all your information about Chinese New Year.


In morning circle, the children found out about some traditional food shared during Chinese New Year celebrations. They also looked at some beautiful red and gold envelopes used to share gifts. We also learnt a new song ‘Pitsch, Patsch, Pinguin’.


The preschool children learnt the letter ‘P’ and thought about words that start with that letter. We also played I spy to practice the other letters we have learnt.


In music the children learnt a new action song, ‘On Chinese New Year’s Day’. The children enjoyed playing their drums and using cymbals to accompany the tune.


In yoga, the children practiced the chair pose and the Kapalabhati or fire breath.


Our number for the month is number 5. We continued to practice counting to 5 and thought about number bonds to 5 e.g. 2+3=5, 4+1=5 …


Butterfly Visit

We will be visiting the Botanischer Garten to see the butterflies. Please remember there will be no lunch or snack pick up for those attending the visit.