Newsletter 10.01.2020

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a wonderful break and lots of time to visit friends and family.


We have had a lovely start to the new year. In Morning Circle, we played games thinking about the names of different shapes. We introduced our new theme, ‘Chinese New Year’ and started by finding China on a map and talking about some of the things China is famous for.


Our number for the month is number 5. We practiced counting to 5 and sang ‘5 Little Ducks’. We also looked at a pentagon and counted its sides and corners.


The preschool children learnt the letter ‘N’ and found objects starting with that letter.


Butterfly Visit

We will be visiting the Botanischer Garten to see the butterflies. Unfortunately, we were only able to book a visit in the afternoon so we will be taking those children who are not still needing to nap after lunch. As a result, there will only be a lunch and snack pickup option for those children who sleep. Those children who attend the visit will not be able to be picked up after lunch or snack. The teachers will talk to those children who won’t be attending. Thank you.