Newsletter 22.11.2019

We have had a very busy fortnight. The children had a wonderful time during our visit to Mensch und Natur museum. They were very excited to see all the animals, including a bat, and thought the crystals were amazing.


The children were very proud to deliver their Christmas boxes to the local school, and hope the children who receive them have a lovely Christmas time.


The children helped complete a lovely science experiment learning about ice and rain.


With the pre-school children we learnt the letter ‘J’. We have been practicing the songs we have learnt so far.


This month we are focusing on the number 3. The children have practiced counting to 3 and finding the number 3.


This week we have started to make our own Advent calendar for Kindergarten. The children have enjoyed drawing a ‘surprise’ picture to share with their friends as we countdown to Christmas!


Have a lovely weekend.