Newsletter 08.11.2019

This week we continued our Bats theme. The children learnt about what bats eat and where they live. They also found out that even though bats have wings they are animals. We learnt two new songs ‘Zehn kleine Fledermäuse’, ‘This old Bat’ and shared a poem about bats.


In kindergarten, the children had the opportunity to make models of bats and bat stencil pictures.


On Thursday, the children had a fantastic visit to the forest. The weather was beautiful, and we enjoyed balancing on branches, and building with leaves and branches. We also spotted some bat boxes on the tree trunks.


In music, we used xylophones to play the first line of ‘This Old Bat’.


The children also had lots of fun investigating how balloons make static electricity. Using friction on woolen clothes or our hair we were able to stick the balloons to the wall and make our paper bat fly!


With the pre-school children we learnt the letter ‘I’ and played a game to find objects starting with all the letters we have learnt so far.


Christmas Boxes

In the morning on Monday 11th November, we will take our Christmas boxes to the local school. Then they can be delivered in time for children who might not get a present this year. If you have a shoebox with gifts ready, please bring to Bubbles on Monday morning. Thank you.


Mensch und Natur Visit

On the morning of Tuesday 11th November, we will all visit the Mensch und Natur Museum. This visit will launch our next topic. Your child will not need to take anything with them. We will have breakfast as normal in Kindergarten but may be a bit later returning for lunch. If you intend to pick up your child at lunchtime on this day, we will message you if we are late. Thank you.