Newsletter 11.10.2019

This week we continued our Autumn theme. The children had opportunities to make spikey hedgehog paintings and autumn leaf handprints, which are displayed in the cloakroom.


In morning circle, we talked about how the weather is changing and other signs of autumn we have seen. This month we will focus on the number two. We will help all children find and count two objects and read the numeral ‘2’. The older children will start to think about how to make two e.g. 1+1, 2-0


Pre-school children learnt the letter ‘E’ this week and were very good at finding the correct initial sound for objects.


In music, the children had fun using scarves, glockenspiels and xylophones to accompany our new song ‘Autumn Leaves are Falling’.


Family Photos

If you have not yet brought a photo of your family for our photo wall, please can you bring one as soon as possible. Thank you.


Diwali Celebration

We will celebrate Diwali, a Hindu festival of light, with the children on Thursday 24th October at 14:30. Parents are welcome to join us and we will send invitations home next week. During the celebration the children will perform a little dance and there will also be some lovely craft activities to complete with your child/children.


Cold Weather Clothing

As the days are getting colder and a bit more unpredictable, please could you make sure your child has a hat, scarf, gloves, wellington boots, waterproof trousers and waterproof coat at Bubbles. Thank you.


Spare Clothes

Please check your child has a set of spare clothes in Kindergarten and return any clothes belonging to Bubbles. Thank you.


Have a lovely weekend.


        The Bubbles Team




Jolly Phonics – all songs in alphabetical order


Autumn Leaves are Falling

(To the tune Frère Jacque)


Leaves are falling,

Leaves are falling.

On the ground,

On the ground.

Autumn time is coming,

Autumn time is coming.

All around,

All around


Next verses change first line for a colour e.g. Red leaves falling,…