Newsletter 06.09.2019

Welcome back after a beautiful summer holiday.


We started this week talking about our holidays; where we went, the transport we travelled on, who we saw and what we did. It was lovely to hear about the fun things everyone had done.


In morning circle, we introduced the letter ‘A’ and sang our Jolly Phonics song. We talked about famous buildings around the world and some of the places we had visited.


In Music, we learnt a new song ‘Where is (name of child)?’ and had lots of fun with call and response. We also practiced stopping and starting with our instruments. Yoga was very relaxing this week as the children shared a lovely meditation story.



Sports lessons start next Wednesday in the afternoon, just for those children who aren’t sleeping.



Please remember to bring back to Bubbles your child’s:

  • Spare clothes bag with socks/tights, pants, top, trousers/skirt and jumper/cardigan (2 of each is sufficient)
  • Waterproof trousers, waterproof coat and wellington boots
  • Slippers (house-shoes)



Toys are only to be brought to Kindergarten on Friday – 1 toy for show and tell.


Thank you!


Have a lovely weekend.


        The Bubbles Team




Jolly Phonics – all songs in alphabetical order