Newsletter 26.07.2019

This week our theme was, ‘Food’. During the week, we talked about our favourite food and what makes a balanced healthy diet. Using the food pyramid we sorted food into green (healthy food we can eat lots of e.g. vegetables…), yellow (healthy food we eat a bit less of e.g. cheese, milk…) and red (food that is not healthy but we can eat once in a while e.g. cakes, sweets…). We also talked about where the food comes from before it arrives in our cupboards and shops! The children sorted the food into plants and animals. Once we had decided a menu, we went to the shops to buy all the ingredients. Then everyday we helped to wash, chop, stir and cook all our meals. A very busy, but very tasty week!


Forest Visit

So that we can make the most of our morning visit, we will eat breakfast when we arrive at the forest. Please could you send your child with a rucksack containing: a bottle of water and a snack box for your child with appropriate food for breakfast e.g. fruit, vegetables and bread. They will also need to wear appropriate clothes depending on the weather e.g. waterproof trousers and top or sun hat and sensible shoes for walking in the forest. Thank you.