Newsletter 05.07.19

This week our theme was ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. In morning circle we told a little bit of the story each day and reached the grand finale on Friday. The children painted beanstalks and added photos of themselves climbing a magical beanstalk to an imaginary land. We shared ideas of what places we would like to visit, including lands full of unicorns, dragons and limitless ice-cream.

Some of the beans we planted a couple of weeks ago have grown so well we have planted them in paper pots (which we made ourselves) and compost. These beans have continued to grow well but now need even larger pots to help them grow. We will send them home this week. (When planting on, the outer layer of paper can be removed and recycled but the toilet roll can be planted with the bean to protect the roots.)


Summer Party


As mentioned last week our theme will be ‘Zog’ by Julia Donaldson. If your child already has a dragon costume or if you have any spare, please can you let the teachers know next week. We will also need a knights costume if anyone has one. A form will be displayed next week in the cloakroom for parents to sign up for the shared buffet. Thank you!

Have a great weekend
The Bubbles Team