Newsletter 14.06.19

This week we talked about feelings during Morning Circle. We also learnt the letter ‘x’. We enjoyed looking at our beans and seeing how well they are growing, soon we will have to plant them in some soil to help them grow even bigger.


On Friday, we had a lovely visit to the Rosengarten where we all cooled off paddling in the stream.


Scooter and Bike Days!

Following the success of our scooter and bike days last year we have planned two more days this year.

Scooters on Monday 24th June

Bikes or balance-bikes on Thursday 27th June

Please bring your child’s scooter or bike and helmet to kindergarten in the morning. We will transport them in the wagon to the place we will ride (pre-school children will push their bikes). Once we are there we will complete some short circuits testing our control, balance and ability to stop safely!


Have a lovely weekend.



The Bubbles Team