Newsletter 07.06.19

On Thursday we had an exciting visit to the Police Station. The Policewoman showed us the offices and the jail. Everyone had chance to try different police hats and coats. We also sat inside a police van.



The sun has arrived! As it is sometimes very hot by the afternoon, when possible we will play outside in the mornings. Please can you put sun cream on your child in the morning before Kindergarten and bring a sun hat (sunglasses optional!). We will put more sun cream on if we go out in the afternoon too. Thank you.



To take advantage of the lovely weather we have planned a visit to the Rosengarten where we will be able to go paddling. Please bring a rucksack for your child with their swimming costume and towel. We will be back in Kindergarten for lunch as normal.


Thank you again to everyone who helped at the Fleamarket and the Big Clean this weekend.


Have a lovely weekend.

The Bubbles Team