Newsletter 24.05.19

We all had a wonderful morning during our Father’s Day breakfast. The children were very proud to give their Daddy their superhero gifts and cards. And those daddies who couldn’t make it had an extra special of kindergarten-made biscuits!


In morning circle, we learnt the letter ‘w’ and practiced counting to ten.


The pre-school children have started to make their ‘school cones’, as they begin to think about starting school in September.


Birthday Celebration

We will be celebrating a kids birthday next Friday, so snack pick up will be the later time of 2:45-3:00. 


Jam Jars

Next week we will be planting some beans and peas. If you could bring a glass jam jar (empty and clean!) for your child that would be really helpful. Thank you.


Have a lovely weekend.

 The Bubbles Team




Jolly Phonics ‘w’

(I could not find a link for just the ‘w song’ but this compilation has the ‘w song’ at approx. 5:58)