Newsletter 08.02.19

This week, as we continued our theme ‘Space’ theme, we learnt more about the different moons orbiting our planets. In morning circle, we found out how the moon effects the tides, creating amazing waves so that we can go surfing!


Children had the opportunity to collage a picture of the earth and we talked about how much water there is on our planet. Some children counted up to 79 as they added Jupiter’s many moons!


This week our letter was, ‘i’, we sang our new song and the pre-school children found objects that started with the letter ‘i’.


We have lots happening over the next few weeks, please look carefully at the following dates. Thank you.


ESO Visit

We will visit the ESO at Garching Forschungszentrum in the morning of Friday 15th February.



The Schäfflertanz is only performed every seven years.We will take the children to watch the dancers perform. Lunch pick up will be at the earlier time of 12:00, as the performance starts at 12:30. For more information please follow this link https://www.schä


Music at the Gasteig

We will visit the Gasteig to take part in a music workshop for Kindergarten children. There will be no lunch pick up on this day.


Faschings Party

Our theme will be ‘Jim Knopf und Lukas der Lokomotivführer.’ We look forward to seeing the children dressed in home-made costumes for our Fasching Party on the morning of Wednesday 5th March.

Enjoy your weekend!



The Bubbles Team