Newsletter 28.09.18

This week our theme was Oktoberfest. In morning circle, we talked about the very first Oktoberfests and how different they are now. We also talked about all the delicious food you can eat there. The children started to learn a Bavarian song ‘Drunt in der greena Au’.


We continued to learn our letters learning the letter ‘A’. The children found objects starting with the letter ‘a’ and sorted objects into ‘a’ or ‘s’ groups.


In kindergarten we baked Bretzel and made Bretzel and Lebenherzkuchen from card. The children also investigated mixing colours using pipets to drop food colouring in milk!


Next week we will continue our Oktoberfest theme and plan to visit in one morning. We will walk round after breakfast and be back for lunch. If your child wants to wear Lederhosen or Dirndl that would be super


Enjoy your weekend!



The Bubbles Team