Newsletter 14.09.18

This week our theme has been airplanes. In our Morning Circle we talked about the very first airplanes and how they tried to look more like birds. We also played some games using prepositions to describe where the airplane was e.g. above, below, next to…


We have started to introduce the letters again using the songs and actions from Jolly Phonics. It helps the children to learn to read and spell later if they know the letter name as well as the phoneme (sound) that the letter makes. This week we introduced the letter ‘s’.


In kindergarten we made airplanes from pegs and paper and had lots of fun trying to fly them. The children also helped with a science experiment to discover how the chemical reaction between vinegar and bicarbonate of soda can inflate a balloon!


Before Christmas the children painted lots of bags with beautiful bears for Betten Bähren. Next Monday morning Betten Bähren are visiting Kindergarten to tell the children how many were sold and how much money we raised. Then we can choose some more lovely toys for Bubbles.


Enjoy your weekend!


The Bubbles Team