Newsletter 06.07.18

This week we started with a visit to the police station. We really enjoyed looking at the offices, trying on police hats and sitting in the police vehicles.


In our Morning Circle, we practiced counting and matching numerals to ten. We played games to spot the missing police vehicles and practiced our memory skills. We also thought about opposites (short and tall, loud and quiet…) and played a matching game.


We started to learn a new song, ‘The wise old owl’.


Next week a parent is kindly coming to Bubbles to take photographs of the children over two days. (The exact days will depend on the weather as we would like to have some photographs of the children playing in the playground).


As part of our Summer Party, the children will perform a small play for you. We will let the children know their parts next week. One teacher has made masks for all the children and it would be nice if children were able to wear coloured clothes to match the colour of their animal.


Enjoy your weekend!



The Bubbles Team