Newsletter 15.06.18

This week our theme was football, in preparation for the World Cup 2018. We had a lovely visit to the park on Tuesday and did some football training. The children showed some fantastic skills passing and kicking the ball.

In morning circle, we found out about some different countries in the world and found them on the world map. We taked about the different countries our families come from and what we know about those countries. Using coloured strips of card, we made flags for some of the different countries.


The children did a fantastic job sewing their football shirts. Which look fantastic!
One parent came by at Bubbles to talk to the children about Russia (the host country for World Cup 2018). The children enjoyed finding out about some of the animals and places that make Russia special. They have also really enjoyed playing with the Matryoshka dolls the parent brought.


Next week we have planned a visit to a Waterpark. We are looking forward to it! 


Enjoy your weekend!



The Bubbles Team